Each CASA VICENZA product has something unique than others, because of its exclusive workmanship an high quality materials. Each detail is important and meaningful, executed with care and skill.

Striving for the excellence in quality and unique design, as based on fine, Italian-made details is the secret for the success of the brand CASA VICENZA in international markets. Each collection is made in-house, according to craft processes, designed to emphasize care for details and finishes. All this defines the singularity of CASA VICENZA non-mass-produced, totally craft-made production, as seen in the tiny differences, which far from being defects are proof of an exclusive personal article. Whichever piece you choose it will be yours alone, totally unique, just like your life.

Striving for perfection of our products

In a home where every small detail have been well thought out and taken care of, CASA VICENZA is ever creative and continuously striving for the perfection of the products.

An unique brand

With a multi faceted spirit focused on Italian design, Italian trends and new concept. That is the taste of the Italian passion. A single word ITALIAN. Sophisticated clientele. Contemporary luxury moods that are consistently new and amazing CASA VICENZA.

We produce our unique collection in our 30,000 m² factory with our latest italian and german technology machines. We have a big professional team including more than 300 furniture masters who helps us to create our unique collections. In our factory we are able to produce over 3000 collections per month.

CASA VICENZA always chooses only the finest materials from Italy and Germany, which help us to create unique and high quality furniture.

Our sophisticated clientele may choose from materials whose natural properties, beauty, elegance and quality are absolutely unique. Our fabric and leather are from Italy. MDF, furniture blum are from Germany and beech wood is from Australia and New Zeland.